“The eyes are the window to the soul”


Photographer Dan Morales brings out the inner beauty and soul of each of his subjects and turns an average setting into a beautiful image.  From a fashion model to that new bundle of joy, he enjoys photographing a diverse clientele.

His introduction to photography was unintentional.  While attending a liberal arts school, Rice University in Houston Texas, he had to fulfill his Arts credits and found himself in a semester of Piano.  After a miserable session in music, he scoured the course catalogue to find something other than music to fulfill his artistic requirements.  He then borrowed a Canon AE1 camera from a friend and enrolled in his first of many photography classes.  He quickly became obsessed with Black and White photography and unique portraits.  Twenty Five years later, he still finds passion with digital photography and the use of technology to bring out the utmost beauty in every image.

He grew up in Houston Texas and now resides in Charlotte North Carolina with his wife and children.  A blend of passion, talent and diverse experiences give him an extraordinary edge behind the camera.

17129 Harcombe Dr. Charlotte NC
Phone: 704.236.9871